SWF Wildlife Foundation Logo Pauline S schneegas Wildlife Foundation Address Sandy, an SWF resident fox, awaits moving to her new compound funded by the Catto Charitable Foundation

Schneegas Wildlife Foundation Funding Needs

Thanks to the generosity of citizens and business donors the Schneegas Wildlife Foundation has been able to offer its services since 1984, but the Foundation needs to increase annual operations funds, as well as raise funds for special projects.

SWF operates solely on donations and its staffed by volunteers. The SWF annual budget expenditures vary depending on the number of animals cared for, but certain operational costs such as utilities and insurance are continuous. Private wildlife rehabilitation centers in Colorado are not funded through the state or federal government, so donations and grants are essential.
For more information ABOUT MAKING A DONATION, please contact:
• Nanci Limbach, Executive Director, 970-876-5676
or Email: psswildlifefoundation@gmail.com.
• Mailing Address: The Schneegas Wildlife Foundation, 5945 County Road 346, Silt, CO 81652
• Additional financial and tax status information is available upon request.

Apache, an SWF resident wolf

Apache, an SWF resident wolf.

Hawks in the large raptor flight cage

Hawks in the large raptor flight cage.



In 2007, SWF expended $58,000 to feed and medically care for wildlife in the rehabilitation program and the full-time resident animals.

Wish List:

• Cash donations for food and supplies
• Dog food, meat, produce for Carnivore and Ominvores
• Deer and Elk meat (unseasoned) for our Raptors and Carnivores
• Alfalfa Hay for the deer and elk


If SWF volunteers are unable to handle a task internally, such as building or fixing pens, or resolving buildings or utilities issues, contract labor , must be hired to get the job done. SWF must also heat and power our buildings for the operations. An additional, and consistently increasing cost, is insurance coverage for SWF. $27,000 was spent on these items in 2007.

Robby, and SWF resident bobcat

Robby, an SWF resident bobcat

Litter of baby raccoons with their foster mom

Litter of baby raccoons with their “foster mom”.

Elk calf prior to release 

Elk calf prior to release

Milk & cereal can be messy

Milk & cereal can be messy

Wish List:

• Cash donations towards Utility, Maintenance or Insurance costs
• Donations of Construction Materials such as Gravel, Woodchips, Concrete and Lumber
• Volunteers skilled in Concrete, Carpentry, Plumbing or Electrical



SWF operates as a team of volunteers but maintains a paid staff person to assist the Director with animal care, help manage special projects and increase fundraising efforts.


Baby cottontail rabbit at bottle feeding stage

Baby cottontail rabbit at bottle feeding stage.


Large Raptor Flight Cage = Estimated Project Cost: $75,000
SWF currently has 3 flight cages: one of which is large enough to handle the larger Raptors such as hawks and eagles. All flying birds are moved into the flight cage for the final stage of rehabilitation. An increase in the number of large raptors entering the facility dictates the need for two separate large flight cages at the same time.

SWF would like to build a secondary flight cage, longer and wider than the current one, which would allow the Raptors to graduate to a larger flight area as they become stronger.

Black bear cub with foster mom – bear released in 2008

Black bear cub with foster mom – bear released in 2008